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Getting Started With Dominus Party!
Welcome to Dominus,

We are a guild in Perfec World on Raging tide server.
We were born on 10th of March, 2010 by Pazi_Ujedam (the Leader), Hikary_II (Director) and DOOMHAMER (Marshal).

We're here to form a fun, friendly, family environment for gaming. But don't get us wrong, we're also here to kick ass.

Again, thanks for joining Dominus
We look forward to your involvement in this growing guild.

Stick with us and we'll stick with you.
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Forums » PWI guide and encyclopedia
by Hikary_II on Jun 30, 2010 at 05:39 PM
Spiritual Cultivation is chain quests that every player receives every several levels. Skills that a player can learn at a level on which they receive the next part of Spiritual Cultivation require the level of Spiritual Cultivation that they will reach once they finish the quest. It is important that you complete all the quest

Cultivation stages are:
Spiritual Initiate (lvl1)
Spiritual Adept (lvl9)
Aware of Principle (lvl19)
Aware of Harmony (lvl29)
Aware of Discord (lvl39)
Aware of Coalescence (lvl49)
Transcendant (lvl59)
Enlightened One (lvl69)
Aware of Vacuity (lvl79)
Celestial Sage/Demon (lvl89)

And then Saga/Demon CS:
Level 89 is
Aware of the Myriad (sage)
Aware of the Void (demon)